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Functionally relevant

Can I use a third party downloader?

Reference link How to bind a third-party downloader

How to download m3u8 video and convert m3u8 video to mp4 ?

Reference Link How to download convert m3u8 video to mp4 file

How do I cast a video to another device?

Reference link how to cast video to other devices

How to play music or video in the background?

Sometimes we need to continue to play music or video from a web page when the phone screen is off, then you can follow the steps below to set it up.

  1. Open the video or audio page in your browser.
  2. Open the page toolbox, enter the website settings, and turn on the option “Allow background play”.
  3. Go back to the video or audio page and click the play button.

The video or audio will not be paused and will continue to play when the browser is switched to the background.

How to make mobile page force zoom?

Please go to Browser Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Force Page Zoom.

How to quickly switch to a specific tab?

If you have many tabs open, it’s hard to locate the tab you want quickly through the tab list, you can enter a keyword into the search bar. The tabs matching the keyword will be shown in the url suggestions (url suggestions with tag identifiers), you can click it to quickly locate the tab.

How can I start up without opening the last opened tab?

“Browser Settings>>General>>Launch recovery unclosed tab”, select “Query” or “Never”.

How do I restore a tab I just closed?

You can restore the tab you just closed in two ways.

  1. Go to “Browser Settings>>Gesture Setting”, and set the action of a long-press button as “Revert closed tab”.
  2. Go to “Browser Settings>>Gesture Setting”, and enable “Quick Touch Gesture”. When you want to restore a tab that you just closed, you just need to draw a “ɔ” shape on the screen (with a c reversed).

Tip: The undo action can be repeated until all closed tabs are restored.

How do I keep my video vertical when playing it in full screen?

Please got to settings “Browser Settings>>General>>Disable video full screen to force landscape”.

What should I do if the page always reminds me to “Allow get devices location”?

Some web pages will alert you when they are requesting your location information. If you feel that it is already disturbing you, you can set it up in one of the following ways.

  1. Turn off the option “Browser Settings>>Security & Privacy>>Allow web pages to get phone location”.
  2. Individually prohibit a site from obtaining the location of the device: open the “Page Toolbox” (the main menu of the toolbox option or from the upper right corner of the browser’s three dots of the menu button button to enter), enter the site settings, turn on the option “Prohibit requesting the location of the device”.

How to switch search engines quickly?

You can switch search engines quickly in three ways

  1. Long press the search box on the homepage of your browser.
  2. Long press the search button (🔍) on the right side of the search box after you enter a keyword in the search box.
  3. Go to “Browser Setting>>Gesture Setting”, and set the long press gesture of a button in the toolbar to “Switch Search Engine”.

How do I customise my search engine?

The browser has built-in several popular search engines, you can also define your own favourite search engines as follows.

  1. Go to “Browser Settings>>Advanced >>Add Custom Search Engine”, and click the “New” button.
  2. Find your favourite search engine query parameters, with % keywords% to replace the value of the query parameters

For example: Google search “test” the URL of this string is:


Then this time we customise the search engine string as:

  1. Save the custom search engine string

After completing the above operations, you can see our custom search engine in the list of switching search engines.

How do I go back without reloading?

If you wish to not reload the page when moving forward/backward in the browser, you can go to “Browser Settings>>Advanced “ and turn on the option “Enable Super Cache”.

Tip: There may be some compatibility issues with this option compared to normal mode in some cases.

Exception solutions

Page anomalies, unclickable links, blank pages, typographical errors, etc.

The rendering engine of the browser kernel is very complex, especially when dealing with different websites, different operating systems, and different versions of the browser kernel at the same time, some compatibility problems will inevitably occur. In addition, XBrowser provides a lot of setting options, different setting options may also cause page compatibility problems. The following steps are recommended to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Disable ad blocking: Some blocking rules may cause page rendering errors for incorrectly blocking certain page resources or elements.

  2. Disable user scripts: If you have installed some user scripts, usually user scripts tamper with the page to achieve functionality enhancement, but they may also cause the page to function abnormally.

  3. Check if JS is disabled in the setting options: Most of the pages need to be rendered properly with js, if you disable the js option many websites will not be able to display properly.

  4. Clear the browser cache: In some cases the browser cache may cause some compatibility problems, try clearing the browser cache and try again! (Main menu second screen “Clear” option)

  5. If none of the above methods solves the problem, please go to Browser Settings and Reset to Default Settings, good luck.

The website can be viewed normally, but you cannot log in.

Most of the website login functions rely on the cookie function of the browser itself, check whether you have disabled the cookie function in some of the following browser setting options.

  • Browser Settings>>Advanced>> Disable Cookies.
  • Browser Settings>>Security & Privacy>> Enable Cookies in Incognito Mode

Browsers take up more space as you use them.

The browser itself is a very small package, and the size of the space it occupies depends on how many web pages you browse. Every page you browse in the browser will generate cache, such as images, scripts, audio/video files and other resource files. As your browsing history increases, the size of the cache will also increase. You can use the following methods to clear the cache to reduce the space occupied.

  • Browser main menu second screen (menu left slide), select the “Clean” option
  • “Browser Settings>>Advanced” Enable “Automatically clear page cache” option.

CAPTCHA doesn’t work on some websites.

Please go to “Browser Settings>>Advanced”, and check if the “Auto Sniff Media Resource” option is enabled. Auto-sniffing of media resources will check the links in the web page, which will cause the CAPTCHA to fail.

What should I do if the back button of #### webpage is hijacked?

Often there are some malicious URLs hijacking the browser’s back button, which means that no matter how to press the back button, it always stays at the current page and cannot go back. At this time, long-pressing the browser’s back button can return to the level you want to go back to through the browser’s back history list.

Account and user data

Forgot unlock gesture

In order to protect the privacy of user data, you can set the gesture to unlock access in the following items

  • History
  • A favourite directory
  • Site password management

If you have forgotten your gesture password you can reset it by typing x:info in your browser, there is an option at the bottom of the page “Reset gesture unlock password”.

How to import bookmarks from other browsers?

Almost all browsers support exporting bookmarks to and from html format.
The steps to import bookmarks from other browsers to X-browser are as follows.

  1. Go to other browsers and export their bookmarks to html format.
  2. Save the bookmarks in html format to the public download directory of your phone’s SD card, usually /sdcard/Download.
  3. Open XBrowser, go to “Browser Settings>>User Centre>>Import bookmarks from html file”.
  4. Select the html bookmark file you exported and import it.

You can also open the bookmark file directly through X Browser or send/share the bookmark to X Browser, XBrowser will recognise and import the bookmark file automatically

How do I ensure that my user data is never lost?

XBrowser provides many ways to ensure that your user data will never be lost, so as to maximise the continuity of your data.

  1. You can backup your user data to the public download directory of your mobile phone regularly through the “User Centre” in the “Settings” section of your browser.
  2. By default, XBrowser will automatically backup user data to the public download directory/com.xbrowser.play every week (you can set the period of automatic backup).
  3. You can log in to the cloud account of XBrowser to backup user data to the cloud.
  4. After logging in to your cloud account, you can enable the option of auto-synchronisation to the cloud, so that your user data will be automatically synchronised to the cloud once it has been changed.

Doing the above points, in principle, your user data can never be lost. Even if you uninstall the browser and reinstall it, you can easily restore it to the current state from the backup file or the cloud.

What data is backed up/synchronised?

The data to be backed up/synchronised includes the following

  • Quick access URLs of the homepage
  • User’s Bookmarks
  • All the user’s settings information
  • User’s customised ad rules
  • User’s password/autofill data
  • User’s currently open tab
  • Scripts from the Script Manager

In addition to this, backing up user data additionally includes the user’s history, as well as offline files.