Feedback / Suggestions

The author receives a lot of feedback emails every day, because of the limited energy can not guarantee to answer every user’s email. If you have a question, please look for the answer from the FAQ first.


You can give feedback and suggestions to the author by using the following methods

  • Send an email directly to This is recommended as the author will check the email regularly and may respond to you sooner.

  • Leave a message in the comments section of this page.

  • Leave a comment in the GooglePlay app reviews section.

Feature Suggestion

The core principle of XBrowser is to keep it simple, try to ensure the speed and stability of the basic core functions, and not to add features without necessity. Whether it’s a feature or an operating experience, I will combine the feedback of most users before deciding whether to adjust and optimize. I can’t guarantee that your needs will be met, but your feedback is important so that I can understand that your problem is not the majority of users’ confusion, and once I confirm that it is the majority of users’ problem, it will be more likely to be improved quickly in subsequent versions.

Bug report

To submit bugs, please refer to the following

  1. Confirm that this issue is only present in XBrowser and that it is not a problem with the web site itself. See FAQ - exceptions.
  2. Provide as many details as possible, such as your phone OS version, XBrowser version. Detailed steps to reproduce, and the URL associated with reproducing the bug.
  3. If you encounter crash problems, the following directory will generate a crash report, you can email me the crash report if it is convenient