About XBrowser

“X” is derived from the English word eXtreme, the author himself is a minimalist, like simple and extreme products, in the development of the product design process has been to keep the principle of simple and extreme. XBrowser is not perfect, but we are always trying to become better.

The “X” is the unknown in the mathematical equation, representing change and iteration, and the XBrowser you see is the result of many iterations of user feedback and suggestions. At the same time, XBrowser is doing its best to improve its flexibility, hoping to become different for each user.

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Any product related questions can be sent directly to: chengkai.me@gmail.com

I am an independent developer who currently maintains the XBrowser full time. If you like this product, please donate to me via Paypal to support the ongoing development and maintenance of XBrowser.Your donation is what keeps me going, it’s telling me “Well, great job”, keep up the good work!

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Thank you to the people who have helped and donated to me