Introduction of XBrowser

The author is a practitioner of minimalism, both for the principle of Occam’s razor (if not necessary, do not add entities) and the UNIX system KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) are deeply convinced. I like simple, clean, pure products, and X Browser is built with that in mind. You can learn more about X Browser’s design concepts and features from the following introduction.

Design Concept

Small and Pure

The implementation of XBrowser minimally relies on large third-party frameworks and SDKs, striving to use native operating system code. This fundamental reason enables XBrowser to remain small and fast.

Pure functionality, no non-browser related features. In addition, the interaction design is pure, just like Chrome, everything is a page except the main UI of the browser, such as the homepage, favourites, history, downloads, settings and other functions, they have the same interaction experience as normal pages.

Keep it Simple, Yet Flexible

X Browser focuses on the basics of the browser experience, keeping it simple and avoiding adding overly complex and redundant features. Most users will be able to use XBrowser without any setup, but for those who require more flexibility, we’ve included a number of solutions below.

  • Built-in extensions make it easy to interact with mature third-party applications to enhance the browser’s functionality. For example, you can bind a third-party downloader to enhance the browser’s download function, use a third-party video player to enhance the browser’s video playback function, etc. Support for user scripts.
  • Supports user scripts, which can be used to extend the functionality of the browser through Grease Monkey scripts or ordinary scripts, such as page translation, intelligent next page and other functions.
  • Provides a lot of customisation options, for example, you can customise the browser’s menu or place the browser’s search bar at the bottom.
  • A lot of gesture settings are provided to make the operation of the browser more efficient and faster.

All in all, although XBrowser looks very simple, it offers unlimited room for exploration, and you can always tweak XBrowser to suit your taste.

Focus on security and privacy

  • It rarely applies for sensitive user permissions, and has even given up applying for permissions for camera and audio recording.
  • Avoiding the integration of other third-party SDKs greatly reduces the risk of user data leakage.
  • Not tied to the phone your mobile phone number, and never tied to any third-party social accounts, if you need to sync the data only need to provide your email address as the account identification.
  • A lot of options related to security and privacy are provided, such as, privacy mode, encrypted access to favourites/history, disable page access to clipboard, disable page direct jump to third-party apps, and so on.

Featured Features


X Browser has built-in adblocking feature, which is optimised for adblocking, compatible with AdBlock Plus, taking into account performance and compatibility, you only need to subscribe to some third-party blocking rules to achieve a good blocking effect. For more details, please refer to Introduction to Adblock.

Built-in Tampermonkey/GreaseMonkey Scripting Support

While satisfying the basic experience of the browser, XBrowser supports user scripts to maximise its flexibility and extensibility, thus ensuring the simplicity and ease of use of the browser itself.XBrowser does not need to install the Tampermonkey/GreaseMonkey Plugin, and you can install Tampermonkey/GreaseMonkey Scripts directly. For details, please refer to how-to-use-tampermonkey-user-script-in-xbrowser.

Video/Audio Sniffer

Video/Audio Sniffer can help you quickly find video/audio resources in the page, you can choose to use a third-party player to play online or download.