Convention and tips

This article will introduce some conventions and tips to help you get the most out of XBrowser.


The XBrowser’s menu options can all be customised as to whether or not they are displayed and sorted, and can even be expanded through user scripts.

  • Main Menu: Entrance to some quick global options and feature, menu options are displayed in a split screen.
  • Long-Press Menu: The long-press menu, also known as the context menu, displays relevant options appropriate to different web elements when they are long-pressed.
  • Page Tools menu (Toolbox): mainly for some operation options of the current page, such as translate this page, save page, sniff page resources and so on.


  • You can go to “Browser Settings>>Appearance/Customisation>>Toolbar Style” to choose the style that suits your operating habit.
  • Each toolbar button supports long press gesture, you can go to “Browser Settings>>Gesture Settings” to set it.
  • The toolbar supports both left-right and up-swipe gestures, which can be set in “Browser Settings>>Gesture Settings”.


  • Drag the Favicon of the tab list to adjust the tab order.
  • Swipe left and right to close tabs quickly
  • Long press the tab to show the tab action menu, you can lock the tab, close the tab, save the tab and so on.

Search/address bar

  • You can set the search bar to be displayed at the top or bottom of the browser via “Browser Settings>>Appearance/Customise>>Browser Layout” to match your operating habits.

  • After you enter a keyword into the search bar, long press the “🔍” button on the right side to quickly switch to a search engine.

  • Search bar can quickly jump to the feature page, for example, you can type “x:bm” in the address bar to quickly jump to the bookmark page, type “x:dl” to quickly jump to the browser download page.

  • The search bar allows you to quickly locate an open tab by typing the page title in the search bar.

Settings Options

In addition to the global settings you see here, X Browser also offers site-specific settings that only work on certain domains. For example, you can set a special “UA string” for a site, or disable Js and adblocking on a site.

You can click the favicon icon on the left side of the address bar to quickly access the site settings options, you can also use the “Site Settings” option in the “Page Tools Menu” to access the current site settings page.

Frequently Used Shortcut URLs

By typing these shortcut URLs in the search bar, you can quickly jump to the corresponding feature page, and you can also add these shortcuts url to the quick access of the browser homepage.

  • x:home Home
  • x:bm Bookmark
  • x:dl download
  • x:his history
  • x:st Settings
  • x:sc scripts
  • x:rf Ad rule files
  • x:me User Centre
  • x:help Help