User Privacy Policy

This product XBrowser belongs to Beijing XINWANG Technology Co Ltd. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this product. This Privacy Policy sets out what information XBrowser collects from users and which related networking services it uses. It also informs the user how the author ensures the security of the user’s information and that the information will not be disclosed.

What information do we collect?

We collect information to improve our application and provide better services to all of our users - including:

  1. the number of times users launch the app each day, and the length of time they use the app.
  2. the menu option you click, the default settings option you choose, other ui element click event.
  3. Some basic information of the app, such as version , phone model, OS version, country code, etc.

We do not collect your personal identifiable information when you using our product, such as name, phone number,physical address , IMEI code.

Stop collecting user experience data

User experience data is completely anonymous and is used to help authors understand how users use the product in order to improve the user experience. Even so, you can force XBrowser to stop collecting UX data.

Turn on the option “Do not collect user experience data”, you can find it in “Browser Settings>>Security and Privacy”.

What app permissions are requested by XBrowser and what they are used for

Check the state of your network connection

Detects whether the user’s network is available and whether it is wifi or mobile data traffic, and gives the user alerts when they are downloading files.

Read and write to the phone’s external storage

Downloading files and caching resource data all require reading and writing to external phone storage. However, it is limited to the browser’s private directory and public download and media directories.

get phone location information

Some specific web applications require user location information, such as maps, weather forecasts, etc. The browser itself does not obtain and store the user’s location information.

What network services are accessed when the application is launched

  • Official backend configuration system to support user accounts, data synchronization, and downloading of necessary resource files.
  • Update some blocking rules from third-party URLs
  • Flurry App Analytics service

How we protect user privacy

  • Very few user permissions are required and access is requested only when used.
  • Synchronized data is transmitted via a private encryption algorithm and is not easily intercepted by intermediate networks.
  • Registering for an account only requires an email, no sensitive information such as cell phone numbers social accounts are required. Cell phone password is used for password revert.
  • User accounts are stored encrypted so that even authors cannot access user passwords.
  • We promise never to disclose user data to third party individuals or companies.


Users visiting any other website through the browser will leave some of your cookies related information, such as your usage history account information of other websites, etc. Browser will not read and collect this information, each website has its own user privacy policy, and these have nothing to do with XBrowser itself.

Privacy Policy Adjustment

If there are any future changes to this Privacy Policy, we will update it here so that you are aware of the most current content.
This statement is effective as of the date of the update, last updated on June 17, 2022


For any questions or queries regarding the User Privacy Agreement, you can contact me by email and we will respond as soon as possible.


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