FAQ - Exception

Page exceptions, unclickable links, blank pages, typographical errors, etc.

The rendering engine of browser kernel is very complex, especially when facing different websites, different operating systems and different browser kernel versions at the same time, some compatibility problems inevitably occur. In addition, XBrowser provides a lot of setting options, and different setting options may also cause page compatibility problems. The following steps are recommended to troubleshoot this problem.

  1. Turn off ad blocking: Some blocking rules may cause misuse of some page elements and cause page exceptions.
  2. Disable user scripts: If you install some user scripts, usually the user scripts will tamper with the page to achieve the purpose of enhancing the functionality, but at the same time, it may also cause the page to function abnormally.
  3. Check whether the setting options are disabled JS: Most pages need to work with js to render properly, if you disable the js option many sites will not display properly.
  4. Clear the browser cache: In some cases, the browser cache may cause some compatibility problems, try to clear the browser page cache and try again. The second screen of the main menu “Clear” option. 5.
  5. If the above can not solve the problem, please go to the browser settings “reset to default settings”. Good Luck!

Can’t open the web page properly

When you encounter this problem, you can try to troubleshoot the problem by following the steps below.

  • Exit the browser and re-enter
  • Try switching to a different network environment, such as wifi or cellular data network.
  • Check whether the problem is the URL itself, try to open the URL with another browser
  • Turn off your browser’s ad blocking and try.

The website can be viewed normally, but I can’t log in

Most websites depend on the browser’s cookie function for login, please check the following cookies setting options.

  • Browser settings >> Advanced settings >> Disable cookies
  • Browser settings >> Security and privacy >> Privacy mode Do not disable cookies

Browser takes up more storage space

The browser itself does not take much space; the amount of space it takes depends on the number of pages you view. Each web page generates a cache of resource files such as images, scripts, audio and video. As your browsing history increases, the size of the cache increases as well. You can use the following methods to clear the cache to reduce the amount of space used.

  • “Clean Web Cache” , you can find this option in Browser second screen. Cick “Clean up” option.
  • Browser Settings >> Advanced >> Auto clean web cache . Automatic periodic cache cleaning.
    浏览器设置》高级设置》 开启 “自动清理页面缓存” 选项

Abnormal browser power consumption

XBrowser will be completely closed after exit, no residual process, there is no background power consumption.

Normally, if the operating system shows that your browser is consuming too much power, it means that you are using the browser more, and some websites are using too many rendering effects and JS scripts, which may also cause additional power consumption. If you do find that your browser is consuming too much power and it is not related to the website you are browsing, please give feedback to the author in time.

Browser does not run smoothly with lagging problems

The author has been focusing on performance and memory usage optimization, but even so, different usage habits and scenarios can cause browser lag in some cases. Please try to optimize and check the performance of the browser from the following aspects.

  • Whether to import too many blocking rules, too many blocking rules will cause memory consumption increased, resulting in page loading delay phenomenon. Blindly increase the blocking rules does not significantly improve the blocking effect, the appropriate blocking rules is the best. The author tested 100,000 rules will not have a significant impact on the performance of the browser, please disable some invalid rules to avoid performance waste.
  • Whether to open too many tabs, the phone’s memory is limited and insufficient memory will cause the operating system to generate too many IO operations due to frequent page changes, resulting in lagging phenomena. The authors have tested that less than 200 tabs will not have a significant impact on performance.
  • Whether it is a performance problem caused by the web page itself, some web pages will have low performance lag caused by taking up too much cpu and memory when rendering, please try to close the tab and try again.
  • Excessive cache can also affect browser performance: you can clean your browser cache regularly to improve browser performance.


请前往浏览器设置》高级设置 ,查看是否开启了”自动嗅探媒体资源” 选项。 自动嗅探媒体资源会检查网页中的请求链接,导致验证码失效关闭这个这个选项即可。

Browser switching to background is often killed by the system

For the purpose of simplicity and purity, XBrowser does not apply to higher priority background processes. Given the policy of the mobile OS, once the application switches to a background process of normal priority, it is very easy to be killed by the OS to release resources. We can reduce the probability of the browser being killed and released in the background by some strategies.

  1. Reduce memory consumption, such as avoid opening too many tabs, avoid importing too many ad-blocking rules, etc.
  2. Modify the system’s power saving policy for a certain app , please go to the option related to the phone system’s power saving policy to set it by yourself.

Download files are suspended

As mentioned above, X Browser does not have a high priority service process, and even the download module has only a normal priority. Once the application is switched to the background, it is very easy to be killed by the system, causing the download to pause. If you need to download larger files, it is recommended to bind the system download or third-party downloader.

For more information, please refer to How to Bind Third Party Downloader