FAQ - User Data

Is XBrowser secure? Will it leak user privacy?

  1. Only very few permissions are applied, except for networking and reading and writing SD cards, almost no sensitive user permissions are applied, not even the permission to get device ID (IMEI) which is standard for most app.
  2. provide more setting options to meet users’ needs for Internet security.
  3. user data synchronization information is encrypted using a private encryption algorithm, which is very unlikely to be intercepted by third parties to crack.
  4. The server does not save any user passwords in plain text, even the author himself cannot get the user’s account password.

For more information, please refer to User Privacy Policy

Can I register/login with my cell phone number?

We don’t want to get your cell phone number social account and other privacy sensitive information, so we only provide the way of email registration, email is only used for password retrieval, and feedback information notification.

Forget the unlock gesture

The following items can be locked by gesture lock

  1. User history
  2. a directory in the Favorites folder
  3. site password management

If you forget to unlock the gesture, you can clear the gesture by typing “x:info” in the address bar and there is an option at the bottom of the page to clear the unlock gesture lock.

What data information does XBrowser sync?

The browser’s Sync User Data feature will sync some of the following data.

  • User Bookmarks
  • Quick access of browser home page
  • User setting options, including custom search engine, custom UA, configuration options for browser menu, etc.
  • User’s custom blocking rules
  • User scripts

How can I import bookmarks from other browsers?

Almost all browsers support exporting bookmarks to html format and importing from html format. The steps to import bookmarks from other browsers to XBrowser are as follows.

  1. go to another browser and export its bookmarks to html format.
  2. Save the html bookmarks to the public download directory of your phone’s SD card, usually /sdcard/Download
  3. Open XBrowser, go to “Browser Settings>>User Center”, “Import bookmarks from html files”.
  4. Select the html bookmark file you exported and import it.

Can it automatically synchronize user data?

Some users have multiple devices and automatic data synchronization will cause data modification conflicts between multiple devices, which may lead to data loss if not done properly. To reduce the risk of data loss, the option of automatic synchronization is not currently available. You need to upload user data to the cloud manually.

What should I do if I lose my user data such as bookmarks and quick access?

If the user data is lost due to improper operation. You can try to remedy it by following the steps below.

Try again to recover from the cloud

Log out of the current user account and login again. Browser will try again to recover data from the cloud.

Try to restore from an automatic backup file

XBrowser will automatically backup user data to the same folder directory as the package name in the phone’s public download directory every once in a while.

  1. Go to Browser Settings “User Center>>restore user data”
  2. Try to find the closest data backup file to the current time for recovery