4.3.2 build 803

  • Support for user-selected synchronisation of resource types
  • Added support for auto-populated data synchronisation
  • Simplified synchronisation policy to automatically resolve conflicts and merge data.
  • Added option to automatically sync user data to the cloud.
  • Added global “Disable page writing to clipboard” option (Browser Settings, Security & Privacy).
  • Optimise the speed of bookmark search
  • Fixed the limit of 2000 bookmarks synchronisation.
  • Fix a crash issue when editing duplicate tags
  • Fixed autofill error in some cases
  • Fix a bug that global disable autofill doesn’t take effect
  • Fix a bug that bookmarks cannot be opened due to special characters in the bookmark directory
  • Fix a bug that the address bar does not show the right URL in some cases.
  • Fixed the problem that some blocking rules are mistakenly killed.
  • Fix the problem that restoring tabs set to “Ask” cannot restore to the current browsing tab.