• Refactoring of autofill and password management features

    • Supports multiple usernames/passwords under each main domain name.
    • Support managing usernames/passwords on a site-by-site basis.
    • Import/export Chrome username/password list.
    • Support auto-fill web page, address, mobile phone number, email address and other information.
    • Support auto-fill credit card number information in web pages
  • Optimise the homepage to solve the flickering problem caused by the homepage drop-down search gesture.

  • New setting option (Browser Settings > Basic Settings > Disable video full screen and forced landscape).

  • New setting option (Browser Settings > Gesture Settings > Disable gesture operation in full-screen video).

  • Strong blocking policy supports specifying specific domain names Strong Blocking Mode and Rules

  • Casting interface adds support for XPlayer-Universal Player How to cast video to other devices

Fix the problem

  • Fix the compatibility problem of some Grease Monkey scripts.
  • Fix a problem that download files cannot be opened in some cases.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue of Super Cache mode in some cases.
  • Fix a problem that third-party apps cannot be launched in some cases.