• Greatly improved Grease Monkey scripts compatibility, almost all Grease Monkey scripts are compatible
  • Optimize the compatibility of developer tools, you can use developer tools or review elements on any page.
  • Support toolbar push-up gesture (Browser Settings “Gesture Settings “Toolbar swipe up)
  • New toolbar layout with refresh button (Browser Settings “Appearance/Customization “Toolbar style)
  • Optimize the efficiency of switching home pages, giving priority to jumping to the already existing home page tab
  • Adapt application icons for some devices
  • Improve the compatibility of text auto-folding function when zooming the page

Fix the problem

  • Fixed a long-standing issue where pressing the back button multiple times on some pages would not return.
  • Fix the problem that caused slow download speed of default downloader
  • Fixed an issue that caused desktop mode browsing to be abnormal when the forced page zoom option was turned on
  • Fix the problem that some types of blocking rules are not de-duplicated

If you don’t adapt to the new version, please go to past changelogs to download the historical version.