• New bookmark add option to “Add to Quick Access at the same time “
  • Home page support drop down quick search gesture
  • Quick access support delete whole folder
  • File download file completion pop-up alert dialog box
  • Press the return key to exit the input interface

Fix the problem

  • Fixed the problem that the selected text cannot be translated by third-party dictionary
  • Fixes the problem that Quick Access is not responsive under certain circumstances
  • Fix the problem that the selected text cannot be translated by Youdao and Oulu third-party dictionaries
  • Repair the problem that some interception rules do not take effect
  • Repair the compatibility problem of individual Grease Monkey functions
  • Repair the problem of unresponsiveness of refresh button caused by sniffing resources
  • Repair the problem of not being able to open Jitterbug through the page
  • Repair the problem that individual video websites cannot input verification code
  • Repair the problem that the number of labels is not updated synchronously when the page is opened in a new window.

If you don’t adapt to the new version, please go to past update logs to download the historical version.