New/Improved Features:

  • Supports two layout modes: top search bar/bottom search bar (Settings >> Appearance/Customization)
  • Homepage quick access supports split-screen mode and directory management.
  • Optimized ad-blocking to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of hiding elements.
  • Homepage supports changing logo, setting background, and customizing icons (long press on blank area of homepage).
  • Further optimized compatibility of Greasemonkey scripts.
  • Optimized browser permission request process to only request necessary permissions when needed, avoiding requesting permissions on first startup.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with conflicts between page pull-to-refresh and scrolling.
  • Compatible with some start page applications, specific start pages disable browser long press menu
  • Fixed the issue that the wildcard match of @exclude tag in Greasemonkey script does not work.

Removed Features:

  • Removed “Super Visibility” feature.
  • Removed theme settings.
  • Removed “Instant translation when selecting text” option in the main menu.
  • Removed built-in web page player option.

If you don’t like the new version, please go to the changelog to install the old version.