How to download and convert m3u8 video to mp4 file

Currently there are a lot of mp4 and m3u8 video resources in our webpage, we know that we can directly download the mp4 video resources in the page through the resource sniffing function of X browser, although we can also get the link address of the m3u8 video in the page through the function of resource sniffing but we can’t download it directly. This article describes how to download .m3u8 video with 1DM downloader and convert it to .mp4 format automatically.

Downloading converted m3u8 videos need to work with 1DM downloader, we can use 1DM downloader as a third-party downloader for XBrowser, for details, please refer to how to bind third-party downloaders.

Next, we open m3u8 video address in XBrowser. And get the video address through the “Sniff Media Resources” option in the Tools menu of the page. As shown in the picture below.


When we sniff successfully, a video toolbar will pop up, then we can download the video through the “Download” button in the toolbar.


Finally, 1DM Downloader will automatically parse the .m3u8 file and pop up a dialogue box to list available resolutions, so you can choose the right one to download according to your needs.


1DM Downloader parses m3u8 and merges it into .mp4 files all automatically, very convenient. If you often need to download videos from the web, we recommend the combination of XBrowser + 1DM Downloader. Enjoy it!