Get back to the nature of the browser and give you a pure browser.

Small and powerful. No news feed No message push. Minimal permissions,security and privacy.



Small and super fast

Occupy very few resources. Lightning speed.

Ad block

Powerful ad blocking to help you remove 80% malicious ads.


A lot of personalized configuration options, always able to adjust to your taste.

Media resource sniffing

Powerful resource sniffing capability, easy to download and save network resources.

Security and privacy

Provides rich privacy options and requests only minimal permissions.

Minimalist green

Simple clean and tidy interface interaction. No news feed, no message push, no daemon.


"X" derived from the English word eXtreme. The author himself is a minimalist. He likes simple and extreme products. He always follows the principle of keeping simple and extreme in the process of product development and design. X browser is not perfect, but it is working hard to get better.

"X" is an unknown element in mathematical equations that represents changes and iterations. The X browser you see is iterated through a lot of user feedback and suggestions. At the same time, the X browser is also trying to increase its flexibility to the greatest extent Possible, and hopes to become different for each user.

"X" you can imagine as a closing symbol in the UI interface, representing closing ads in the browser. Author dedicated to shielding most malicious intrusion ads so that we can have a cleaner browsing experience。