Is X browser safe? Whether there is a hidden danger of leaking users’privacy.

As an independent developer, and not doing evil is my code of conduct. The author does his best to protect user privacy through the following measures.

  • Applying for very few permissions is one of the few app that does not acquire the ID (IMEI) of the user’s device.
  • More settings are provided to meet users’needs for Internet security.
  • User data synchronization information is encrypted and transmitted using a proprietary encryption algorithm, and the possibility of being intercepted by a third party is very small.
  • The server does not save any user password plaintext, even the author himself can not get the user’s account password.

For more details, please refer to the User Privacy Agreement.

Which user resources are synchronized in cloud synchronization?

Some of the resources listed below will be synchronized to the cloud side.

  • Bookmarks
  • Quick access
  • User settings
  • User scripts
  • Some of blocking rules by user custom

How to import bookmarks from other browsers?

Almost all browsers support exporting bookmarks to HTML format and importing them from HTML format. The steps to import bookmarks from other browsers into X browser are as follows.

  1. Export bookmarks to HTML format from other browsers.
  2. Save or push html file to your phone storage (SD card)。
  3. Open the XBrowser, enter the “User Center”, and choose to import bookmarks from HTML.
  4. Select the HTML bookmark file you just saved.

How to force zoom in/out web page ?

Since XBrowser supports user scripts, there is no built-in support for force zoom in/out feature. If you need this feature, you can go to the user sharing scrpits and install the script to support it.

  1. Enter Browser setting >> Browser scripts
  2. New scripts >> Add from user shareing
  3. Find the script “Force zoom in/out page” script and install it.

Does XBrowser have a PC version?

Sorry, there is no PC version, and there is no plan to develop PC version because of the limited energy.

How to customize the search engine?

Step 1: Go to optin “Switch Search Engine” (Browser setting>>General)
Step 2: Find the parameter name to query keywords in the search engine query url. For example the paramter name is “q” in google query url “https://www.google.com/search?q=test" .

Step 3: Replace the values in the query parameters with the replacement variable “%keywords%”. So the Google custom search string is as follows.